Saturday, September 16, 2023

SOME PIGS Campaign for Art, a zine, and a 2024 wall calendar


I've launched a campaign on Indiegogo to fundraise for the SOME PIGS project. Here's the LINK

The exhibition is in November at 1040 Creative Cultural Center and Gallery. The campaign offers ceramics, prints, a small zine, and a calendar that features all of the woodcuts from the series. It runs through October 9, and over the next 3 weeks I'll be posting about each of the 12 woodcuts on this blog and stitching all my philosophical musings and sketches from making this work into the zine. There will probably also be a pig mermaid woodcut. 


Saturday, June 24, 2023

"Pigling Bland and Pig Wig" Take 2


"Pigling Bland and Pig Wig" 
12" x 12" 
2 block linocut and woodcut 

This is the first woodcut for a 2024 art calendar, which is part of the Some Pigs project, an AiRM (artist-in-residency-in-motherhood). The project also includes ceramics, an installation, and a zine, all of which will culminate in a solo exhibition at 1040 Creative in November of this year. 

This particular print illustrates the final scene in Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Pigling Bland. While Potter's more famous stories of Peter Rabbit  have been connected to stories of slavery and told by slaves in America, Pigling Bland's tale reads as a direct allegory for it. The title character and his brother are sent to market with papers. When they are stopped by a police officer, his brother is taken back to the farm because he misplaced those papers. After stowing away in a chicken coop, Pigling Bland is held by a farmer who has also "stolen" a little black pig named Pig Wig. The two plot their escape, and they achieve freedom by literally crossing a border. All of this is told in the most matter-of-fact tone, as if the inevitable and profound suffering of the pigs is utterly mundane. The comparisons to chattel slavery, distinctly from a perspective of the era, couldn't be clearer. It's an odd children's book. To me, a bit of a childlike illustration of what Hannah Arendt would decades later call "The banality of evil" in reference to how the Nazis carried out their genocide in the most dispassionate, bureaucratic manner. 

Pigs are, to me, an undeniable symbol of vulnerability. The ones presented in this series of woodcuts are presented as farm animals or at best, pets or animals kept in rescues or shelters. Pigs were domesticated to be food. Those in captivity are destined for slaughter. What's more, references to bacon and other pork products abound. (As the parent of a child who often weeps at the sight or mention of bacon, I am all too aware of this.) 

In these prints, it is important to me to present the pigs in moments of joy. Because even in captivity, even facing doom, pigs and people alike are beings that feel. We connect with our immediate environment and others and we experience living. It is in moments of joy, however brief, that we recognize the value of being alive. 

Saturday, May 13, 2023

"Pigling Bland and Pig-Wig"


"Pigling Bland and Pig-Wig" 
12" x 12" 
4 color reduction woodcut 

This was going to be the first woodcut for my "Some Pigs" project, an AiRM - a project that will culminate in a solo exhibition at 1040 Creative in November of this year. 

However, while I like this print, I decided to go in another direction for the series of 12 pig prints for the project and calendar, and this is thus a one-off. 

This print illustrates the final scene in Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Pigling Bland, where the title character and his soulmate Pig-Wig manage to escape from their wretched circumstances into freedom in the wilderness, where Pigling has plans to settle down and become a potato farmer. The text in the print is from a traditional British song, excerpts of which are included in Potter's story.  

Friday, May 12, 2023

Ethnicity Through the Eyes of the Artist


"Practicing Accordion"
9" x 12" 
Linocut with chine colle 

This depicts my 11 year old practicing their instrument while the puppies howl. I made it to submit to the exhibition "Ethnicity Through the Eyes of the Artist" at Abington Art Center, juried by Erika Land, Nina Guzman, and Cheryl Harper. I was already going to submit recent versions of "Stirring" and "Chopping" (below), but I could include 3 works in my submission, so I decided to make this print in the same medium and style. This print wasn't accepted into the show, but I'm so glad I made it. 

Happily, "Stirring" and "Chopping" will be included in the exhibition, which opens June 9th (reception from 6-8PM) and runs through July 24. 

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Year of the Rabbit 2023


My Year of the Rabbit print for a card exchange with Baren Forum. The one I mailed out was printed in black ink on fawn-colored Stonehenge with white paper chine colle for the rabbit. But this version I made for myself, with chine colle for all the sections. We haven't had much of a winter in PA this season, so I wanted a brown hare, not a white one. 

This is my 6th year participating in  New Year's Exchanges with the Baren Forum for Woodblock Printmaking. Here are my prints from previous years' trades: 

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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Groundhog Day 2023


Yes, the world is on fire and we're all perpetually burned out. So catch that second (or third, fourth, tenth...) wind, and get going! Do good art (or other good stuff)! Help others! Find joy! WHATEVER IT TAKES. 

This is my 9th annual Groundhog Day card. Here are links to all the previous cards: 

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