Saturday, August 13, 2022

MEGAfauna Summer Fellowship

This summer I worked with K-6th grade campers, making prints and a baby mammoth! This was for the Summer Spree camp at the Community Art Center.

This year's camp theme was BIG TIME, and of course having been an artist/scientist-in-residence at the Wagner for ten years, the first thing that came to mind was mammoths. 

For this project, I taught the campers about the extinction of megafauna of North America at the end of the Pleistocene, and we then used those animals as inspiration for relief prints. Campers also learned about baby mammoth mummies like Yuka and Lyuba who were frozen in ice for tens of thousands of years before being discovered by humans. We used that as inspiration to create a full sized baby mammoth of our own, using wire armature, plaster wrap, acrylic paint, and yarn.

This was my 4th year doing a summer fellowship at CAC. The other projects were: 
Pollinators, 2021 
Whose Hoo Around the World, 2019 
Big Relief!, 2018 

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