Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Groundhog Day 2022


woodcut printed in oil-based ink on Kraft cardstock
This year the good ol' groundhog can't even be bothered to come out. Shadow or not, he's staying in his hole. 

While hopefully viewers find some humor here, it is a dark humor. I wish this year's Groundhog Day card design could have been more positive. We're now into the third year of a global pandemic that is gradually shifting to endemic. Still scary, but we're also all just so damned fatigued. It's hard to get excited about anything anymore because so many plans have been cancelled. Most of us who have survived this thing are now a couple years older, poorer, and more melancholy than we were before it began. Work is far more constant than joy.

Who could blame the fuzzy little guy for his reluctance to emerge? 

This is my 8th annual Groundhog Day card. If you'd like to see the previous years' designs, here are the links.

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