Monday, September 12, 2016

"Monkey and Scorpion"

4" x 4" woodcut stamp, printing with black oil-based ink on Stonehenge paper and hand-colored with watercolors.

Last year I created a print titled Year of the Goat to commemorate the birth of my friend's son. I had the good fortune to meet the little man with his mom and older siblings for the first time this year. He was a calm and curious soul.

This year my friend's family expands further with the expected birth of another son! I have created this print based on both the Western (Scorpio) and Chinese (Monkey) astrological signs associated with baby's due date. The egg from the last print re-occurs, although this time it is encircled by the associated totem animals. Last time I used Celtic knots for the border. This time I went with an Asian-influenced floral design. The softness of the flower pedals is contrasted with the sharp points of the leaves that break through the circular border, just as the softness of the monkey is balanced by the scorpion's fearsome claws and stinger. May this child be both clever and courageous!


  1. So grateful for this beautiful and symbolic tribute and I am truly humbled by the amazing gift

  2. So sweet Martha! Thank you for such an intricately thoughtful piece ^_^