Thursday, September 25, 2014

Joe Marshall's Shadow Set

Images posted with the permission of the artist. Find out more about Joe Marhsall's work at Pork Chop Press.

The artist calls these The Shadow Set. On their creation, he writes:

"All three prints are done on found wood that was very hard and had a lot of grain and figure in each block. I cut as little as possible to let the grain show through on the print. At the end I had to get a new set of tools."

I wrote a haikus for each one, using the same titles.

Hungry Shadow

This fur is wretched, but
When we can't find enough to eat
It gets cold.

Wave Shadow

The tide comes in, and
In trails of blood, tears, milk, cum, and spit
We dissolve.

Nameless Shadow 

A black cloud showers her
Bare back. She watches, but
We can't see her eyes.

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