Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Lunch Break on the Piscataqua" by Shane Chick

Image posted with the permission of the artist. More artwork and handmade goods by the whole Chick family can be found at their Etsy Store, Chick Family Ink.

A heavy man with a heavy shadow looks out over the river. Drink in hand, he sits comfortably hunched-over among the rocks and mounds of grass-covered earth. Another person, a ways beside him still clutches a fishing pole, but this man, this one who dominates the center of the image, he is at rest. He stares out, lost in the moment of this very place without distracting thoughts. There is the natural beauty of looming clouds beyond the reassuring geometry of man-made structures in the distance. The man breaths softly in and out. This is where he is.

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