Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Don't Look Back"

Woodcut (4 color reduction)
5" x 3.5"(image) 6" x 5" (paper)
Water-based inks
Edition of 6 on Kozo paper and 2 APs on Rives BFK

He crept into the basement, curious about what was going on there. But once halfway down the stairs, a sound behind him caused him to stop, startled, and turn back. He didn't see anything, and now he was stuck. Stuck in a moment of heart-sinking indecision. The curiosity that had originally motivated his trek downward had been replaced by a paralyzing fear of the unknown. The option of turning back had been comprised, and now he didn't know in which direction to move. All his muscles tightened and he felt poised to dash either way when the inevitable next disturbance would occur, thus making the choice for him.

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