Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Snow Goddess" by Julie Zahn

Julie Zahn is an artist based in Philadelphia. More about her and her work can be viewed at her website here.

What delight I feel when the snow falls. Gentle tufts floating down at rapid speeds. Puffy white pours down, as if some god had shattered the clouds, and softens the points of the bare tree branches. Sharp angles on buildings and cars turn cushiony. White messengers beautify any landscape, even the most run-down, littered city street. Before the shovels and salt come out, before the ploughs emerge, we all end up under the cold and lovely face of snow.


  1. This piece seems to have many layers. Could you please share your process. I really like the tonal quality of the work. Jen

  2. Jen,

    The work is by Julie Zahn. If you hit the link to her website (in the first paragraph of this blog post) you can get her email and contact her about her process. I'm sure she'd be happy to explain more about it.

    Be well,