Sunday, September 12, 2021

"Tomatoes (Slicers)"


"Tomatoes (Slicers)" 
Linocut with chine collé on white Stonehenge 
8" x 8" 

I've been working on some illustrations of items from my CSA toward creating a 2022 art calendar. 

Below are some different versions of this same image of some tomatoes I arranged, photographed, sketched and watercolor painted, carved into a linoblock and printed. I'm also doing to do a hand-colored version after the ink dries on the others I printed. 

This is supposed to be in connection with the Red Earth Farm CSA project I did in 2018. This was a time-based conceptual paper making project that lasted the duration of the CSA (22 weeks). In 2019 I added a couple illustrative woodcuts with 
chine collé of myself engaged in the project. 

At the time I had also considered illustrating many of the actual items (local fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers) I received every week, but never really landed on an approach. But the idea stuck in my brain, and this year combined with my desire to do a 2022 art calendar. Since I never could decide on an approach to how to illustrate these items, I've decided to just photograph and draw and paint and print and I'm even going to make some ceramic trivets with glazed illustrations, in the hopes that 12 cohesive images for a calendar will come out of it in time. Conceptually, that seems to align best with the original project which had to do with the process of domestic chores connected with acquiring and preparing food. During that project, there were time constraints and rules to the projects, and whatever paper came out of the process, that was the finished product. Here it will be the same. I'm going to produce these images in the time frame I have available, and when the deadline arrives, I'll make a decision about whether I have something publishable or not. 

Below are some of the other versions of this image I made so far. 

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  1. Fun to see how you're playing with this, and I love the inclusions in the paper with this!