Monday, February 26, 2018

Pig, Hawk, Kiwi, Frog

I've occasionally posted my ceramics on this blog (see dino pots and bird drawings on ceramics) and this is one of those days. Since there's no point in denying that clay has become a second medium for me, I had considered starting a second art blog. Perhaps something that mirrors this one like "Comments on Clay". But then I thought that's dumb. This is my art blog. If I branch out to beyond woodcuts (as I have with posts about monotypes, stone reliefs, and Sketchbook Sunday) then I branch out. "Words On Woodcuts" isn't just a description of the blog. It's also part of my brand as an artist, I suppose.

I recently finished four new pinch pots with drawings on them. I'm told they relate well to my prints, and I think that's true. Certainly in process. Both ceramics and woodcuts involve a certain amount of uncertainty that opens up possibilities for unique expression and "happy accidents" so-to-speak, as they both involve a multi-step process where outcomes are never completely certain. I go into projects with a general outline of an idea, but allow my intuition and the materials themselves to guide the journey to a final outcome that marries expectation with discovery.

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