Tuesday, December 5, 2017

White Line Scratchboard Prints with Kids

I've continued to experiment with different ways introducing students to white line woodcuts. Oftentimes I work with kids that are too young to carve wood or I teach workshops where we don't have the time to do traditional white line woodcuts. This is one fun, quick, and inexpensive alternative. We used Scratch Art Scratchfoam cut into circles. The kids drew lines in with pencils, which pushing the foam down. Then we taped one side of the circle to the paper for registration and began print section by section using Mr. Sketch markers. The markers produced surprisingly vivid color on smooth, white Bristol paper.


  1. Do they run into trouble with the markers denting their styrofoam as they color? I've done this with kids in 5th grade and up with carving rubber and markers, but never tried with styrofoam and younger kids. These samples are terrific!

  2. 3rd graders had problems with that, but the 4th-6th didn’t. I think I might use it in an adult workshop this winter.