Friday, September 29, 2017

Studio Play in Five Acts

Last year we went to Home Depot to buy a live tree to decorate for the holidays. After we selected a tree, an employee sliced off the bottom of the trunk and tossed the slice into a pile of tree slices. I asked if I could take some, and he said sure. They've been sitting in a corner of my studio for months.

This is one of those tree slices.

Today I covered it in black watercolor paint.

And printed it on a smooth piece of paper just to see how it looked.

Next I wanted to see what it would look like printed on more absorbent, handmade paper. The watercolors bled into blobby shapes that somewhat matched the irregular deckle of the paper.

It reminded me of an egg, so I printed it again on a different piece of handmade paper that reminded me of a  nest. I found this mildly amusing.

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