Saturday, July 15, 2017

Sam's Monotypes ask and answer an important question

Yesterday I posted about young Lizzy's fruitful deviation from the assigned printmaking project I taught this week to campers in the Summer Spree camp. Today I'm featuring another such child's work.

I took campers outside to draw from the landscaping around the Community Arts Center. Later I taught them to make monotypes using watercolors on plexiglass. The kids had a lot of fun and made many subtle and expressive monotypes from their drawings, but after a while Sam decided to get a little weird and wonderful with it. He began painting the entire plexiglass with black ink and then scribbled into it with the back of the paintbrush. Next he wanted to write words. I reminded him that he needed to write them into the plate backwards in order for them to be forwards in the final print. He went on to whimsically ask one of the big questions: 

Indeed, something we all ask in moments of deep contemplation.

Must you shout? And does that really answer...

Yes, I know, this is art. But is that enough to...

*long pause*

OK. You're right. I get it.

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