Saturday, August 13, 2016

"Anywhere But Here" by Lev Moroz

I discovered Lev Moroz's linocuts (made when he was a teenager) featured on his mother Natalia Moroz's website. I wrote about one of her prints yesterday.

We know who the protagonist of this saga is, as he sits center, all lines drawing the eye of the viewer to his day-dreamy expression. The title of this print expresses an interpretation of the scene that is already obvious: he is a student compelled to sit in a class that fails to engage his interests. The two other students are foils that further flesh out the message. It isn't that the class is inherently dull, as shown by the student who sits up straight, pen to paper, fingers on calculator, and with a keen expression on his face. And the protagonist is no passive player such as the darkly-dressed fellow asleep with his headphones on. No, he has turned away from whatever lecture is happening, but with a smile on his face, eyes open in wonder, and feet ready to walk on to any of the grand adventures that no doubt await.

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