Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Thumbs Up"

So... the past six months have been the least productive (in terms of studio work) I've had in six years. I have many excuses: At the start I had just bought and sold a house, I have some health issues to deal with, my teaching work, two young kids whose other parent has been finishing graduate school while working full time. Those all sound convincing. The problem is, the previous two years I had all those excuses and yet I was extremely productive in the studio. I am not sure what has really changed these last six months, but I keep hoping it passes soon.

Also, even though I wasn't working in the studio, I framed and delivered work for three exhibitions, which is nothing to sneeze at. My teaching work this year has been inspiring, and many of my students have blown me away with their work. Still, I feel frustrated by my lack of motivation to make my own work, and I often get down on myself for it.

I made this little 4" x 6" cut of a "thumbs up" linocut as an example for students in one of my classes. I admit, it cheers me up. I'm going to hang it up in my studio as a reminder to not beat myself up over lack of productivity or other setbacks and failures. Life is a journey with many twists and turns.


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  2. Dear Martha - You must be joking. I hope that you are - yet I relate to your lament. In the past 12+ months there have been two books - right!?! And tons of work in the printmaking sense. Not to mention your blog. And, most importantly, your family. I have mused - regularly - about the amount you get done and have a family! I forgot to mention the teaching that you do. Honey, please give your system a rest. Every artist goes through a period of reflection and recovery. Your creativity is a flowing river & you will not dry up:) although you may experience some dry spells. No worries. Your river is deep. Peace. xoxo Anne

    1. Thank you, Anne. Those are the most wise, kind and encouraging words I've heard in a while. And that's saying something because I have a pretty big entourage of supportive family and friends (without whom I would accomplish nothing!)