Monday, February 29, 2016

Reduction Relief Prints by 6th Graders at Kearny

Today I finished up a session with two classes (46 kids total) of 6th graders at Gen. Philip Kearny School. This was through the Wagner Free Institute for Science's SNAP (Science, Nature and Art in Philadelphia) program.

The kids were learning geology in their science class and I came as a visiting artist to lead two art projects that connected with what they were learning. We focused on layers and textures, and this second project was making a two-layer reduction relief print using 4" x 6" EZ Cut blocks and water-based printing ink. The students' drawings were inspired by ammonite fossils.

I snapped photos of my favorite prints, but there were so many more! The kids were high energy, the teacher was excited and supportive, and the final work wowed everyone involved. We had a fantastic time and I hope I'm sent back next year.

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