Sunday, May 31, 2015

"He Sings of Freedom" by Sue Kallaugher

Yesterday I received my prints from [Baren] Exchange #64. The theme for this exchange was "freedom of expression." The paper size was 5" x 7". The print I made for it was Amina As Lysistrata. I enjoyed all works by the 23 other participating artists, but this one is my favorite.

The prints is He Sings of Freedom by Sue Kallaugher, who writes that it is a portrait of French Algerian guitarist Pierre Bensusan, "whose beautiful guitar music and voice inspire artistic creativity and freedom of expression."

Kallaugher also writes that this is her first woodcut of a person, surprising because it struck me as having a lot of subtle personality. The calm, closed-eyes expression with Bensusan's face curled intimately toward the neck of his guitar blends harmoniously with the soft, warm colors, and I long to hear this gentle song.

Of course I had to go poking around the Internet looking for performances by Bensusan. Perhaps this image attempts to visually convey something like this performance of So Long Michael, which in the below video was performed in Takoma Park, Maryland. That location is less than an hour away from where Kallaugher lives, which makes me wonder, did she see that show and do her sketch from this performance? The "Michael" of the song is Michael Hedges, yet another musician who has inspired others with his innovation expression.

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