Thursday, February 27, 2014

Owl and Cat in Love, "Above and Below" (double page spread pages 11-12)

"Above and Below"
Woodcut (reduction)
20" x 9.5" (image)
24" x 15" (paper)
Oil based inks on Subi paper
Limited edition of 2

I've really hit my stride with the Owl and Cat in Love project. I've actually finished the next double-page spread as well, which I'll post about here tomorrow. 

Daytime on the open seas shows the nocturnal lovers asleep in their boat. They and the impressive pile of remains of their many aquatic kills are described in burning hues. The piled carcasses are trophy-like; after all, why haven't they simply thrown the bones overboard? The heap of death grows with each passing day of their long journey. 

Below them, much cooler colors describe the many creatures who lurk and surround them just below the water line. Some of these might become the Owl and Cat's next meal. Others appear more threatening to our protagonists. The lovers quietly occupy their own private, tiny, floating island, above an entire other world. 

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