Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One of Donald Judd's (Black and White) Woodcuts

I was reading up a bit on Donald Judd for this article I wrote in my Humanist Mom blog, and in doing so I discovered that Judd was a prolific woodcut print-maker, starting back in the 1950's. Poking around the Internet I'm now shocked I didn't know about Judd's woodcuts before. They're stunning! You can find more info and many images here.

I'm sure I'll write about Judd's color woodcuts with more dynamic compositions in future posts. But for today, this simple, black and white image most stirs my heart.

Is it cold in here?

To my recollection, the lines were straight across. I didn't count. How straight? I couldn't say. How straight is the trajectory of a drop of rain? What was in between? I hadn't considered that before, but now I'm sort of obsessed. The horizon stretches as far as we can see. There's more air in this room than flesh. More is said with silence than words. What we find between the lines can change everything.

Is it getting warmer?

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