Friday, November 29, 2013

Four Cats (Finished Book)

 Here is the third, finished book  to  submit it to Ritual. The entire sheet of paper is 11" x 17" making each page when folded 4.25" x 5.5". Each printed image is 3" x 4". They are all white line woodcuts which means the lines were carved in a wood block and then each raised shape was painted with watercolors. I printed each by spritzing the entire painted block with water and then rubbing it onto the paper with a wooden spoon. It took approximately 10 hours to draw and carve all eight images, and another 3 and a half hours to print a single book. 

The first photo here is the front and back covers. Next are the following three double-page spreads. And the last photograph is of the entire single sheet of paper unfolded. 

The subject for this book is in fact my four pet cats, Aubrey, Horatio, Sasquatch, and Kubaba, and all of the drawings are from photographs I took of them around the house. 

Together, apart...

begging, glaring...

peeking, crouching.


  1. I love this! How did you register the paper to the blocks? The book turned out great thanks for sharing.

    1. How did I register the paper to the blocks? I eyeballed it and hoped for the best! :-)

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  2. This is a great piece. The style of drawing and carving and the colors and play of composition off one another is really delightful. Love to see these as individual prints. Nice work.