Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#29 - 30 Prints in 30 Days (Camel and Moon)

"Camel and Moon"
4" x 4"(image) 5" x 5.75" (paper)
Woodcut (3 color reduction)
Water-based inks on Rives BFK
Edition of 4

A friend of mine requested a camel print, and so I have obliged. Since I was so pleased with the Owl and Snake print, I went for a similar aesthetic here. I omitted the stars to add to the brightness of the moon. Its cool light contrasts nicely with the warm colors on the ground. The sparkly presence of stars is also replaced by subtle, gold lines which radiate from the camel's body. I feel he is giving off heat. Even his shadow is red hot, the color of blood. Looking at his face and stance, he seems comfortable enough.

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