Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Tortiseshell Kitten"

"Tortiseshell Kitten"
5" x 8" (image) 8" x 11" (paper)
Oil-based inks on Kozo paper

Edition of 28 created for Let's Trade Prints black and white print exchange. Some extra available for purchase here.

This cat is so damn hard to draw. She looks like she's covered in marmalade and soot. She is a genetic malformity and an embodiment of contradiction. A scraggly-lookin' thing and at the same time an elusive beauty.

These textures clash, and yet they seem oddly connected. A loop of lace resembles loops in the pattern, resembles the shape of the cat's eye. A thread of lace resembles similar lines in the pattern, resembles the cat's whiskers. Squares and ovals of negative space abound, and so on. These clashing textures remind me of aunts, uncles, cousins I have argued with over Thanksgiving dinners, yet look forward to seeing all the same. After all, they are family.

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