Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Between Curtains"

3 layer reduction
5" x 8" (image) 7" x 11" (paper)
Oil-based inks on Masa paper
Edition of 28 plus 2 APs on Kozo paper
Created for Let's Trade Prints relief print exchange

There is a cat in the window. Like many cats in windows he spends a goodly amount of time watching the world drift by, but without much concern. He isn't frequently noticed. The burgundy black-out curtains obscure much of his body, and the pattern on the second curtain and the way the light shines through with various degrees of intensity help distract from what little can still be seen of the cat: a tuft of fur, the tip of an ear or tail. Pull the dark curtain aside and he will look up with a soft gaze. His whiskers and stripes still blend into the lines of the curtains and squares of white sunlight. The patches of white and brown serve as camouflage. He is protected by this, quiet and calm and safe.

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