Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Cat and Baby"

Cat and Baby
woodcut monotype
12" x 9" oil-based ink on black Rives

This is really just an artist's proof. I carved the line drawing and printed the baby and cat, but there is a background too. I enjoyed how they looked on just the black paper, so I left this image without the printed background. Will print more versions soon.

Autumn Haiku for Baby

Nights are getting cold.
Time for pajamas with footies
And cuddle time.

1 comment:

  1. I like the way the baby looks like an astronaut and how it sets the cat as a schodenger observationalist....the childs closed eyes and gentle smirk reminescent of the promise or hope of humanity in its imagination and its fantasy of hope and promise...the cats 'reality' as it observes the human mind conceive itself, but aware of its floating world mind at its lack of grounding in reality and it the actual possibilities and manifestations of reality (as it explores itself with closed eyes rather than open)...its a wink to the physicist and an expression of humanism and the nature of reality as percieved by those that seem themselves as separate beings rather than as caught in the observational web...