Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Finches and Gumblossom" by Ethleen Palmer

As Darwin Day draws to a close, I acknowledge - through this lovely, little linocut by Ethleen Palmer - the species of bird that flourished through diversification on the Galapagos Islands, and thus helped Charles Darwin develop his earth-shattering Theory of Evolution.

So small, so cute, I can hardly believe them to be the descendants of dinosaurs. But then, if we go back far enough, I am the descendant of goo. Still, so impish and quick, delicate and petite, I want to gently cup one of these birds in my two hands, feel its tiny claws dance on my palms, and closely observe its rapid turns.

These three seem to have convened to discuss the chandelier of a bouquet that hangs just above their heads. It is a quiet, still day, with not a cloud in the sky; there is time to dawdle. I do not know what they want with these flowers, but I swear I recognize a mustard-colored light bulb above the left-most bird. So I suppose he at least has some idea.

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