Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cats A-Z: F (Freyja)

6.5" x 8" (paper) 4" x 4" (image) 
Oil-based inks on bright white printmaking paper 
Artist's Proof 
Available for purchase here. 


Twin cats furiously leap and bound to pull Freyja's chariot. Though I cannot see her face, her stance is stalwart, one hand firm on the reins, the other gripping her staff. She has come to gather the souls of the fallen. From this view I cannot tell, are the twins as large as lions, or pint-sized and imbued with supernatural strength? Either way, the goddess will arrive.

Freyja is a prominent goddess in the pantheon of Norse mythology, ruling over the heavenly afterlife field of Fólkvangr.

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