Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cats A-Z: M (Maneki Neko)

"Maneki Neko"
6" x 8" (paper) 3" x 4" (image)
Oil-based inks on white Subi paper
Artist's Proof
Available for purchase here.

Maneki Neko

A familiar-looking feline with large eyes, black and orange spots, and a red collar stands in a dark corner of the store. He waves, as if greeting the customers. These ceramic critters always appear friendly, often cute, but are not quite cuddly. There is something too formal, even stoic about their rigid stance. The stare from those big eyes is cold and far too resolute.

Maneki Neko is a good luck charm thought to bring prosperity. Typically they are depicted as Japanese bobtails who sit upright, beckoning with one raised paw. Here the writing on the cat's pendant is Japanese for "money."

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