Friday, February 22, 2013

Cats A-Z: I (Iriomote Cat)

"Iriomote Cat" 
6" x 8" (paper) 4" x 3.75" (image) 
Oil-based inks on bright white printmaking paper 
Artist's Proof 
Available for purchase here. 

Iriomote Cat 

Year after year there are less places to live. Less places to hide. These developers, these dogs, these trucks, and traps intended for more menacing predators are eating the Iriomote Cat away. There is nowhere else to go. His home is, after all, an island. He will soon burn out like a star that is mourned only by the few astronomers. And like those stars that occasionally vanish from our view, his fate will have been set long before humans witnessed the last gasp.

The Iriomote Cat is a critically endangered sub-species of leopard. In 2007 it was estimated that only 100-107 are still left in the wild on the Japanese island of Iriomote. 

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