Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cats A-Z: G (Grimalkin)

6.5" x 8" (paper) 4" x 4" (image) 
Oil-based inks on bright white printmaking paper 
Artist's Proof 
Available for purchase here. 


Scratches mark all surfaces, and a buzzing sounds all around. The feline fiend has emerged from the shadows and sits perched like a gargoyle. Though her ears are back, she is not apprehensive. Her glare is impudent, her bat-wings outstretched, and one foot is poised to step forward.

The term "Grimalkin" was first recorded in the novel Beware the Cat by William Baldwin, which is both the first English novel and the first horror novel. It refers to an old, ugly, and devilish cat.

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