Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Mnemone: Clockwork Thought Process" by L. Van Nortwick

Image posted with the permission of the artist. Find more work by L. Van Nortwick at Tiny Little Odd Things. 

I find this image terrifying, yet calm. At first the portrait seems to confront her viewer. But then I see that the gaze of her minuscule, single eye is starring past me. Is she deep in thought or simply absent? The mouth suggests a smile, but it is the detached smile of someone whose mind is otherwise occupied. With what, I cannot be sure. The revealed gears suggest movement, but everything else holds still, from the near perfect symmetry, to the vertical sweep that emphasized by the elongated neck and wood grain in the negative space. In this image, time and thought take a monumental pause. All is silent and still. Are we waiting? I just don't know. As I said, terrifying, yet calm. The shades of red, reminiscent of both blood and rust feel appropriate.

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