Friday, January 18, 2013

"Fair Hare Misfortune"

This is a mixed media sculpture made with woodcut and collograph prints, paper mache, wire, tissue paper, yarn, plastic eyes, binders board
26 "x 23" x 28"

I'm most pleased with the use of scale in this piece, and how it emphasizes the timing of the event about to transpire. Due to the perspective of this particular moment, the owl is smaller in width and height in comparison to its prey. The owl is also two dimensional in contrast to the rabbit's three dimensional existence. Although in real time the owl is very near, in another sense, she occupies another world altogether. Were time unfrozen and this scene come to life, in only seconds the owl will have entered the rabbit's dimension. Then, dwarfing him in size and dominating him in fierceness she will have snatched the poor rodent in her talons, rendered him lifeless, and carried him off to feast on his flesh.

There is something cherished in this moment, the very last moment a being is living, whole, and free. The last moment before he steps off the ephemeral stage of life, before his body is transformed into something else.

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