Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Gatlinburg, 32" x 10", white line woodcut. AP
I made this print for my inlaws. I myself have never been to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, but they have been there many times and absolutely love the place. After looking at photographs to prepare to make this image, I can see why; the mountain landscape is breathtaking. I wanted to emphasize the green mountains in this image, so the buildings and many man-made tourist attractions are left understated, tucked into the folds of the rolling hills. Also, I used watercolors instead of printmaking inks, which shows off the grain of the wood board in a subtle manner and also creates other variations in texture reminiscent of the texture of foliage.

This is definitely nothing like what I normally make, and I'll admit I was pretty nervous taking on such a large print to make as a gift, but it's healthy to get out of one's comfort zone on occasion. In fact, it's probably necessary to do so in order to grow as an artist.

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  1. I've always wanted to try white line,and it seems perfect for times when you don't need or want multiples. This came out well.