Friday, June 3, 2011

#3 - 30 Prints in 30 Days (Wide-eyed Red Horse Marionette)

"Wide-Eyed Red Horse Marionette"
cardboard and yarn relief print
water based inks on Subi paper
10" x 15" (image and paper)

I'm just playing around with ideas and materials here. I'll be doing that a lot this month I imagine. I don't much like this finished print, especially for the amount of time and effort I put into it. Oh well. I made it, I've learned something from it, and that was the point.

ADDENDUM (Added a day after this was originally posted)

I actually made a second version of this print and didn't bother posting it. But having thought about it for another day, I sort of like it maybe even better than the first one. I'm adding the picture of it and links to where both of these prints can be purchased on my Etsy store. The second version can be purchased here. Enjoy!


  1. Aww, we are our own worst critics. I like it. I think it's visually interesting with all the clashing patterns. I also like the lack of pattern by the mouth which gives your eye a place to rest and draws attention to his whimsical expression.

  2. I also like. Looks like the horse is "talking"--it is childish or toy-like, though. Maybe a candidate for your print book?

  3. I like the close cropping of the first one.