Sunday, March 13, 2016

Highlights from Baren Exchange #67 (Part 2 of 3)

Check out my first post highlighting prints from Baren Print Exchange #67 here

I knew right away that I had to feature these two prints together in the same post, but it's hard to articulate exactly why that is. They both evoke a calm and comforting effect on me while, oddly enough, simutaneously causing me to imagine myself as a rat in a maze. 

The first print featured here is "Natator Scene" by Achim Nicklis.

We're at the center of the universe, and everything has its place, and all the pieces fit together nice and neat, except it doesn't, not really, not exactly, and then we see the ripples, feel the flow, and hear a quiet but constant hum. We notice the imperfections in the lines and move a little more carefully, and after a few moments take in the startling realization that we will never be in this spot ever again, as it is fading away even as we float here watching and wondering. 

The second print featured here is "Start Somewhere" by Brad Ladwig.

The real path is not linear. Some of these walls are solid, but others will crumble if we only put some effort into knocking them down. 

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