Saturday, March 14, 2015

Triumphant In Achieving My Indiegogo Campaign Goal!

I have reached my Indiegogo campaign goal! Words On Woodcuts Press will undoubtedly become a reality with the publication of Cats A-Z this summer. 

The monumental woodcut print shown here is Triumphal Arch. It is one of the largest prints ever produced, and was commissioned by Emperor Maximillian I to be displayed on walls in palaces and city halls. 

It also perfectly illustrates how awesome I feel right now!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and shared information about this campaign.


While I've cleared the first hurtle, I still need to raise additional funds to enact my business plan. I've applied for an interest-free, crowd-sourced small business loan and am currently waiting for approval to launch that campaign. Any funds I raise through Indiegogo that exceed $2000 go to reduce the amount I have to borrow to make this small press a reality. And that increases my press's chances for long-term success.

The Indiegogo campaign runs through April 24th. Help me keep spreading the word. Also, check in on this blog where I'll be posting eight original woodcut art cards as thank-you gifts for all the funders. 

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