Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Untitled" by Sandesh Nicol

Image posted with permission by the artist whose website can be viewed here and works for sale can be purchased here.

Two androgynous figures embody two faces of winter under the cool and still branches of trees. 

One blond and composed, a gentle finger offered as perch for falling snowflakes. In solid, lanky blue, he casts a solid shadow on the bumpy mounds of snow-covered ground, a slight cock of his head, a serene smile on his face. 

The second, white-robed and exuberant, arms flung up in greeting of the rising sun. Slanted, grey marks stripe her entire body, almost as if in an attempt to scribble her out of existence. Like a translucent specter, she employs dramatic gesture to boost up the horizon, lined with blackened trees. In one graceful sweep she summons the very sun up from behind the earth.  

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