Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Sun Hat"

White line woodcut printed on Stonehenge paper. Image is 4" x 3".

If one thinks in terms of overall composition and color, it is easy to make 2D works of art that look better from a slight distance, and which look more fantastic as a digital photo back-lit on a computer screen, or shrunk down and professionally printed on a postcard. And so I feel rather odd having made a print that looks so much better close up and in person that from a distance and in reproduction. This is the sort of image that is best held in one's hand like a book, and looked at in very close proximity, as one would peer into a tiny window. A grace is found in the subtlety of textures and gradations, and few, but oh-so-finely cut lines. Which in a way fits the subject matter, because while most kids are at least somewhat cute, there is a certain magic found only in the unique interactions we have with the children with whom we are especially close.

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