Tuesday, December 21, 2010

“Two Rabbits Under the Full Moon” by Utagawa Hiroshige

Sky like a cut-out.
Glow of moon shadow
Like the collar of a bib.
Waves of atmospheric blue
In the grain of the wood.
One rabbit observes while
The other sniffs the ground,
Ground covered with snow.
The empty spaces, so bright
They blend together
Erase the edges
We know are still there.
The empty spaces have volume
More substantial than
Anything else.

1 comment:

  1. the elusive nature of moon, rabbit, season, and zen speak deeply, using few words and its image lays lightly on the mind, but has a lingering presence. Spare colors and a visual off-balance/weight shift calls to mind simple natural acts, and the fabric leaks through the image and mimics utiltarian purposes, asking to be mutually seen like a simple adornement, like an illustration on a robe, basket cover, or spare wall hanging. The inquisitive upward gazing rabbit is the most pivotal, as it it asks the most of us to interpret. The mystery of its gaze is both one of pure animal awareness, seeking the unknown around it in the night, but there is also the calling to a human anthropromorphic rendering, where it looks skyward and speaks to the riddle of looking in the zen tradition...what is being seen is as much the nature of the piece and deeply calls to our own sense of wonder and need to look upward and inward towards the moon...and what branches of nature and our own creation stand before its image