Monday, October 7, 2019

"Submission Fee No. 20"

This tag is for a show of fiber arts, and so I printed the fee on handmade paper I made during a 2017 workshop at Historic Rittenhouse Town. One AP for the archive and an edition of 5 simply because I happened to have made 6 of these approximately 4 x 4" sheets of paper out of cotton rag and fibers from local plants.

Submission Fee No. 20

4 x 4 inches
Woodcut on handmade paper 
Edition of 5
Price: Pay what you want by October 11, 2019

This print is part of a time-based conceptual art project. Read more about it here.

Institution: Webster Arts
Opportunity: Juried show: “Between the Threads”
Venue Location: Webster Groves, MO
Eligibility: Any type of fiber arts, artists must be over 18 and reside in the USA
Fee: $35 for up to 6 pieces

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