Friday, June 1, 2018

Unexpected Requests for Permission to Use My Art

This past month I had a couple interesting requests for permission to use my work, both of which I happily agreed to. The first was from a metal band in New Zealand that came across a woodcut I made and posted on this blog back in 2011, Gorilla and Baby Goat. I originally made that print for fun and for a friend who specifically requested it. The band happened to be making their debut show at a vanue called Fifty Gorillas and they were also playing with another band called "Goats Az", so the image worked.

The second recent request was not nearly as unusual, though still rather cool - it was from a prof who wanted to use my woodcut of the goddess Freyja on the syllabus for a class she was teaching on Norse Mythology.

Good to know my work is getting out there and appreciated through such varied channels.

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