Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dancing in the Garden: Third Duet

White line woodcut (unique print)
Watercolors on 140 lb Canson watercolor paper
9" x 12" (image) 11" x 14" (paper)  

After 3 days of rain and gloom we finally have a sunny day here at Soaring Gardens! Right after I post this I'm taking a walk.

I continue my residency with this next woodcut for the 
Dancing in the Garden series. I'm having fun deciding how to translate the complex imagery of plants I photographed a year and a half ago into this medium. In this image I'm very  much enjoying the rendering of the tree tops and branches and how they leave so much up to interpretation with regards to what is part of which tree and how far away the various swaths of green are. White line woodcuts are so distancing, but in a warm, floaty dream-like way. 

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