Friday, April 28, 2017

"In Air Pursuit"

5" x 11"
2 Layer reduction
Oil-based ink on Stonehenge paper

This print was created for Baren Forum's Exchange #72. The theme was "Wings", so what better subject than a bird of prey in pursuit of a flying fish? I made my first print of a flying fish a couple years ago as a gift for my cousin's new-born son. In the context of Sky Ship, the flying fish represented the un-tethered innocence and imagination of children. Reading about flying fish, I discovered a great irony in their evolutionary story. Having gained the ability to fly out of the water in order to escape predatory fish, they became prey to the red-footed boobies in the sky. Here I put the emphasis on the bird seeking its meal, and the fish as a secondary player, simultaneously rising and fading in comparison.

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