Friday, March 3, 2017

Rebecca Gilbert: Wonder

Yesterday I wrote about seeing Dan Miller's woodcuts at PAFA. The same day I viewed a second exhibit of amazing woodcuts/wood engravings: Rebecca Gilbert: wonder at the Print Center.

I highly recommend this exhibit. The singular vision for each work is so boldly executed with a high level of attention to detail. There are both very large and very small works, woodcuts and wood engravings. The imagery is familiar, yet mysterious in how it is presented to the viewer. Everything seems to be placed in delicate balance, so still, yet poised to tip and fall apart if another player enters the scene.

My favorite work in the show was Bear Rattle (first photo shown here). I have a soft spot for children's toys, particularly ones that take something that is fearsome in reality and made harmless and even cute. What I love about this depiction is that the bear is made a bit scary again with how intensely he stares out at the viewer (even his smile is slightly disturbing), and the eeriness of the image is pushed further by the beetle-like shape of rattle that is his "body", the stark black and white rendering of the metal jingles, and the black triangular void that diagonally cuts the space behind him.

I came away from this show with a new work of art for my own collection: Gilbert created the wood engraving Bridge (second photo shown here) for the exhibition and it is for sale at the Print Center for the reduced price of $40 for the duration of wonder.

Wonder is up through April 22. Gilbert gives an artist's lecture on Thursday, March 23 from 6-7:30pm.

A great write-up about the show with many more photos by the Wood Engravers Network can be found here. Rebecca Gilbert's website is here.

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