Saturday, November 26, 2016

Highlights from [Baren] Exchange #69

These are two prints from the [Baren] Forum's print exchange #69. The theme and style were open and the paper size was 10" x 15". There were 15 participants, and while all were a joy to receive, I felt compelled to pair these two together with my personal reflections. They were in no way created by the artists to be a pair, but I cannot help but imagine them that way. (Incidentally, I will also almost certainly frame and display them together somewhere in my home.) 

The first is Rough Draft by Theresa Martin, and the second is Still Life with Books and Glasses by Brad Ladwig. In one the author (or artist) himself is steeped in contemplation of his own words (or perhaps imagery). It is the transition between the time for free flow of artistic expression and putting on one's editor cap. 

The second image seems to be the other side of the desk. There are manuscripts, but they are closed. The glasses have been removed; they and the books are resting during the in-between time as much as their owner. The difference is that in the portrait, while the creator is still, he is engulfed in fire. Everything in and around him - the stripes in his shirt, the shadows of his hand and face - flickers. What moves in his mind transcends mere thinking. But the setting before him is fixed and serene, patient in their waiting for him to act. 

After the transition is complete there will be a reliving of powerful moments, wondering at the imagination of the muse, but that will be alongside the wincing at troublesome areas and the dreaded killing of one's darlings. 


  1. WOW. Now I am sincerely bummed out that I skipped this. These are wonderful and certainly raise the bar for future exchanges.

  2. Wow. I really really like how you describe my work. It articulates some things which I sense, but haven't yet put into words, and it inspires me to make more prints. Thanks!

    1. You are very welcome. I have your "Old Man Fiddler" hanging framed in our family music room. It's one of my favorites, too. So glad you participate in these trades.

    2. Oh wow--thank! That makes me really really happy.

    3. (And I have no idea where each of these different profiles comes from. Weird.)