Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sketchbook Sunday: Bebe's Walk Through Wissahickon Park

This is my first "Sketchbook Sunday." The idea is that every Sunday I will share some of the sketches I have done during the week on this blog. It is part of the year-long AIRM program that I started on September 15. I have pledged to find a way to resume a regular sketchbook process and to find ways to integrate it into my work as both a stay-at-home mom and teaching artist. Weekly documentation of some of the sketches is a way to keep me accountable.

This week my daughters and I took a walk in the Wissahickon park trails and my 4-year-old daughter Bebe took a bunch of photographs with my cell phone. Later Bebe and I did two collaborative mixed-media sketches. I'd start out drawing in watercolor crayons from her photograph, and then she'd make suggestions and draw or paint over some of what I did. We talked about what we were doing as it went. The first image is a fairly straightforward image of me holding up a flower.

The second became increasingly imaginative. It started out from a photograph that Bebe had taken of some grass, rocks, and her own feet. I drew the feet, and then she started to fill out the rest. She wanted to have Thumbelina emerging from a rose, and imagined that the feet were Thumbelina's human mother's. Bebe found our first version of Thumbelina very unsatisfying, which is why we ended up printing out a Victorian lady to glue over top and then sewed on a swatch of fabric for her skirt (because the lady we printed out was cut off just below the waist.)

The third sketch here is a drawing I made with conte crayons from a photo Bebe took of her own shadow.

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