Saturday, August 20, 2016

"Fleet Street" by Umberto Giovannini

I recently discovered the woodcuts of Umberto Giovannini. Here is an online interview with the artist that gives many insights into his process, specifically as it relates to environmentally conscientious art-making and his community of artists. Giovannini's website can be found here

The light has faded to shades of blue and already the buildings seem more like ethereal ghosts than solid structures. The clouds drift down, crowding the light that rises up from the city. All we see in these scant years on this earth is truly but a peek. 

I simultaneously feel as if I am looking out from the perfectly round eye of a nocturnal beastie and considering the landscape as it is reflected in that eye. I also feel as if I am gazing at a moon on an alien world. So many ways I am a stranger.

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