Sunday, January 31, 2016

Highlights from Baren Exchange #66

 These are three of my favorite prints from Baren Exchange #66. The technique challenge was "White-line (open to interpretation)" with a paper size of 8" x 10". I was especially excited about this exchange having suggested the technique challenge.

This first print is Under the Blue Tree by Anne van Oppen. There is something just so satisfying about this whimsical, airy little print of a lion standing under an elongated tree branch laden with oversized leaves and plump and sunny birds. I am planning to frame it and hang it in my kitchen to cheer me up while I cook.

My next favorite is If I'm very still... by Jenn White. I enjoyed this image as soon as I laid eyes on it simply because of the interplay of shapes and colors. Then I examined the actual imagery, realized the wonderful tension of the moment (notice the cropped paws on the higher shelf) as well as the suggestive details found in the books and framed picture of the rabbit, and I just fell in love. Looking at this print reminds me of how I feel engrossed in bird watching or reading Walden. I should add that I'm completely impressed by the artist for making a reduction print with 13 colors for an exchange!

 And last but not least I am completely enamored by the print White Line by Theresa Martin. I appreciate this creative interpretation of the technical challenge. I have a difficult time putting into words the response this image evokes in me. The best I can do for now is to share that the literal white line that wriggles up the center of this portrait immediately brought to my mind the Flamenco dancing of Antonio el Pipa accompanied by the earthy, soulful voice of his Aunt Juana. (Check out one of their performances below.)

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  1. Oh wow. I really missed this. It's so cool that you liked this. It so felt like I was cheating, but I was pleased with it nonetheless. I really enjoy reading your analyses of your highlights.