Saturday, November 21, 2015

"Road of A Morning" by Gustave Baumann

I recently purchased a 2016 wall calendar. This is an important acquisition for me every year because I write all of my appointments on the wall calendar that hangs in my kitchen. I've tried to shift over to using my smart phone or Google calendar, and I simply can't do it. And anyway, needing a wall calendar is a wonderful opportunity to choose something that will become a monthly rotating work of art.

For 2016 I selected A Small, Untroubled World: The Art of Gustave Baumann, published by Pomegranate, a small publisher that focuses on fine art. I am absolutely thrilled with this purchase, not only because Baumann's woodcuts are masterful, but because this particular set of prints features my favorite color (orange) quite a bit.

Orange is especially striking when paired with blue, as in this stunning autumn landscape. As we march toward the end of November, more leaves have turned dull brown, now past the prime of their most brilliant pigmentation. So posting this image is an expression of my longing for what has just recently slipped away. My sad but fond farewell to what Camus called the "second spring" when "every leaf is a flower."

Dear friend
Walk down this road with me a while 
Who knows when we'll meet again 

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