Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Dodgeville" by Linda Kelen

Image used with the permission of the artist. Learn more about Linda Kelen on her blog Artings (here's a direct link to her blog posts specifically about white line woodcuts) and at her Absolute Arts page.

Motors are running, vehicles with rounded edges and painted all the colors of the rainbow move about, yet I detect no smog. Only a herd of puffy, white clouds, softly reflecting some yellow sunlight slowly existing the frame.

An older man with a brown bag lunch seems to watch the passing parade with some interest. I assume the blue bike he stands beside is his. The seat looks comfortable.

With all this coming and going, leaning and bending, I am reminded that nothing is ever truly still; the earth spins and orbits a moving sun in an expanding universe.

I have caught but a glimpse, the most fleeting of moments. It is an extraordinarily bright and vivid scene. This is what the world looks like on my happiest days or in my sunniest of memories.

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