Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Greek Myths Told in Woodcuts (Student Work)

This winter I worked with 30 students at Roman Catholic High School and their art teacher Shannon Gallagher, through the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Delphi Art Futures program. The students carved and hand-printed actual woodcuts, with the more experienced class doing color reduction prints. I've never worked on a project this technically challenging with this age group, and it was truly gratifying to do so. The students (and their teacher!) worked hard and produced so many striking images.

Here are some highlights from the exhibition, which will be up in the PMA's student gallery for one more week. The color images are double-page spreads from a collaborative book telling the story of Achilles by six Art III students, and the black and white images are from a telling of the story of Icarus by four Art I students.

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